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SEO For Dummies: Beginner SEO Guide

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SEO For Dummies: An Introduction I decided to wrote this tutorial and to title it SEO For Dummies for two main reasons: SEO is misconceived SEO is the backbone of your website visibility First, we need to know what is this widely spread term “SEO”. SEO is shorthand for Search Engine Optimisation, where you optimise your website to be visible to search engines. Respectively, you MUST understand this material very well to be able to build search engine-friendly website. Either you can find someone professional at this and do it for you.    So now it’s clear that the core of Search Engine Optimization is about creating a website with well-optimized web pages that can rank well in major search engines Like Google, Bing, and Yandex. How do Search Engines work? Before we know how Search Engines work the readers should having least knowledge about the web page structure using the HTML markup language to build optimised SEO source code. Now let’s move to the steps of how search engines process its work: Crawling: First of all, every search engine is deploying a special piece of software called “Crawlers” or “Bots“, these pieces of software crawl to your website and…

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